Vaccines & Biopharmaceuticals (Biosimilar)

We have more than a decade experience in providing services to the vaccine industry. RCC offers the complete range of tests in accordance with internationally accepted guidelines and pharmacopoeias (USP/BP/IP) for global registration and marketing approvals. The services include:

Test for Batch Release

  • Pyrogen test in rabbits
  • Abnormal toxicity studies in mice & guinea pig
  • Specific toxicity studies in guinea pig
  • Mouse Weight gain test
  • Virus inactivation test in mice
  • In vivo potency test
  • Accelerated in vivo potency test
  • Mouse Neutralization Test

Biopharmaceuticals (Biosimilar)

RCC has the entire battery of safety studies for the biopharmaceutical sector, including services for biosimilar and novel biologics.