Partnered Services

Supported by our European partner (Europe: OECD GLP accredited lab). We also support studies on Beagle Dogs.
If any of your study requirements are not listed, please contact us.

Species Test Guideline
Skin Sensitization Assays
In Chemico Skin Sensitisation: Direct Peptide Reactivity Assay (DPRA) OECD 442 C
Human Cell Line Activation Test (h-CLAT) OECD 442 E
Endocrine properties
Estrogen- and Androgen Receptor Binding Affinity - YES/YAS Assay OECD/EPA
E-fate Studies
Biodegradation/Ready Biodegradability OECD 301 A/D/F, OECD 310
Inherent Biodegradability OECD 302 B
Special Biodegradation test OECD 311/ISO 11734, EN ISO 14851: 2019, EN ISO 14852: 2018
Determination of Hydrolysis (stability in water) OECD 111